Azealia Banks Dodges Assault Charges And Announces She Will Vote For Donald Trump

Azealia Banks is a force to be reckoned with. Nary an artist has not felt the wrath of her sharp tongue on Twitter. But now, she has turned her acerbic insights to the upcoming Presidential election. In an epic Twitter rant that would put Kanye West to shame, the feisty rapper explained why she was voting for Republican frontrunner Donald Trump while throwing shade at the other potential candidates.

Banks explained her choice was the lesser-of-two-evils path, saying that Hilary Clinton was in the pockets of others, while Bernie Sanders had no influence or power.

Banks seems to really not like the Democrat candidates, going on to say they don’t truly care about the plight of minorities.

Heavy stuff… What follows is a stream-of-consciousness, anti-capitalist, nihilistic rant about the doomed fate of America under any new leadership.

Therefore Banks believes we may as well put a ‘piece of shit’ like Trump in the White House.

Banks then goes onto talk about a conversation she had with a friend about the systemic oppression and racism propping up the illusion of the ‘American Dream’.

The conclusion Banks comes to like the rest of us is that, yes, Trump is evil, and ‘America is evil’ and America needs to be… more evil?

The inevitable backlash Banks faced from her followers prompted her to reaffirm her position on the matter by explaining, “No, to sum up my rant the USA owes my people reparations so I can round them up and get the fuck out of here … And to sum up my rant: I am saying that politicians are inherently evil, I trust the one who is most transparent.”

While Trump is indeed very upfront about his views on things, that doesn’t necessarily translate to transparency. Banks is a vocal advocate of race and gender inequality, so how can she support someone who openly mocks prominent female journalists for doing their jobs and wants to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S?

While Banks continues to keep to Twitter feed ticking over with her colossal outbursts, she has dodged assault charges relating to an altercation she had with a L.A nightclub bouncer back in October.

The Harlem emcee allegedly attacked the bouncer after she was asked to leave Break Room 86 due to ‘unruly behaviour.’ The case was thrown out due to the amount of individuals involved and it was unclear who exactly instigated the brawl.

However, this outburst was followed by another squabble, with Banks reportedly punching and biting the breast of a female security guard at New York’s Up & Down. She was arrested on a third-degree misdemeanour charge and even made it to Page Six. Apart from that, she’s also called a flight attendant a ‘faggot’. Charming. 

Banks ended her Presidential rant with the revelation that her upcoming record will be called THE BIG BEAT and will be released on February 7.

 Source: Aceshowbiz