Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks calls flight attendant a ‘fucking ‘f*ggot’

Azealia Banks has surpassed even herself as queen of controversy, after a video has emerged (or rather exploded) of her lashing a flight attendant with homophobic slurs.

TMZ reports that when her flight landed, Banks headed straight for the door, before being held up by a French couple a few rows ahead of her as they got their baggage down from the overhead storage. it’s not exactly uncalled for on uncommon the whole, waiting for people to clear their stuff out of an aeroplane – but when you’re Azealia Banks, it’s not cool. Duh.

Banks was then halted from moving past them as the French man put his hand up when she tried to squeeze through.

Cue tantrum. According to reports, Banks actually spat in his face, clawed at her shirt and potentially even punched him in the face. From here a flight attendant became involved in the tussle and a less-than-jovial tug of war ensued over her baggage. From here the video begins, where Azealia eventually calls the flight attendant a “fucking f*ggot”.

Holy shit.

The co-pilot apparently then called police, and Banks ran off the plane, dropping her cell phone in the process.

The issue never went any further (criminally anyway) because the French couple didn’t want the hassle on their holiday to the US.

However, it seems Azealia won’t escape liability as her trial by media is only just heating up.

Who really knows what occurred before the video begins – Azealia has stated since that it was in fact the man who punched her. Plus one unnamed eyewitness isn’t exactly conclusive.

But the video speaks for itself. There’s never an excuse to use homophobic slurs, and she even admits in the video the man was just getting his luggage down. This also isn’t the first time Banks has used homophobic slurs. The 212 singer doesn’t even attempt an apology – instead has taken to Twitter in an attempt to defend herself. She’s posted articles promoting why “black women’s anger is necessary for change”, and how it’s sexist that men are trying to take her bags from her, and how a white woman would have simply been let through. If it is the case that she was assaulted by the man, then potentially she can maybe play one of these cards. But it seems she was just being a brat who is now trying to defend herself by saying that “all her employees are gay”. God Azealia, for someone who preaches about inequality, that’s really not how it works.

Thing is, we don’t think it’s actually about homophobia. She chose to say that word, yes, but it doesn’t feel like she was actually criticising him for being gay, if he even was. It’s about Azealia Banks repeatedly showing herself to be a selfish, ridiculous diva. And there’s no way we’re going to be able to respect her, or take her seriously as an artist if she chooses to repeatedly show us through this kind of regressive behaviour, that she is, quite frankly, just a dickhead, a childish, immature diva.

She has no right to use that word. But more than that, she has no right to exert that kind of behaviour, just because she’s a celebrtiy. it’s a fucking aeroplane, Azealia. People have to get their stuff off aeroplanes. Same as you. And their stuff isn’t necessarily less important than yours just because people know who you are.

Once you realise that, we can talk.