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Howl & Echoes launched in November 2014. Our fantastic writing and photography team is proudly Australian, proudly original and unafraid to go the extra mile to curate the best possible content for our audience.

As Australia’s premier source for all things hip-hop, as well as indie, electronic and beyond, we’re your go-to page for news, reviews, features, interviews, playlists and so much more.

Howl & Echoes is so proud of our remarkable reputation for unique content and fresh, on-trend coverage. Our daily news is up-to-date and relevant; our reviews are insightful, passionate and honest; our curated playlists are renowned for weaving together the best new music from established and upcoming artists across the globe; our in-depth interviews are refreshingly unique, our feature articles are original and thought-provoking, and cover a range of social and cultural issues related to music and the music industry.

In just 18 months we’ve built an audience of more than 70,000 unique monthly visitors  (August 2016). That number grows every single month, as does our burgeoning social media presence. Advertise on Howl & Echoes to be a part of something innovative, genuine, and new. 

July 2016 UPDATE: Howl & Echoes is no longer accepting offers for advertising and promotion. This website was created for the music, not the money, and that’s how it’s gonna stay.