Timbaland Thinks There Are No More Producers And That Drake Is King

In an interview with Hot 97, Timbaland has claimed that there are no more producers in the world of RnB.

“I think we have great programmers. Beats are not made as we used to do it. I think they come as a package for you to figure out which program to run it through…to make something that once was be something that is totally different.”

“I take patterns and layers, and blend the colours….the beat that we are making isn’t the same anymore.”

The rapper noted that the change was a result of a new chapter in music, claiming that “the era of music you’re used to is over…music evolves.”

“Will you evolve, or will you stay in place? If you stayin’ place, everybody who stays in place usually falls off. That’s the key. Once you get poppin’ or once you get a little bit of recognition, is to take that recognition and turn it into a legend.”

The Scream star also gave fellow rapper Drake a strong endorsement, referring to him as “the king” of evolutionary song writing- a convenient compliment given the two worked together three years ago.

“He’s doing everything that the people did in the 90’s, but he’s flipping it and doing it in a cooler way. I watch it and I think ‘This dude has really studied it.’ He’s flipped it and given it to this generation.”

Watch the full interview below.

Timbaland recently released his new project King Stays Kinga mix tape containing 17 tracks including features with Young Thug, Tink and an unreleased track with the late Aaliyah