B.o.B Takes On Astrophysicist, Releases Diss Track

B.o.B has hit out at Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse and released a diss track in his honor.

The track comes after deGrasse dismissed a series of tweets put out by the rapper on Monday which claimed that the earth was flat.

The exchange between the two started after B.o.B tweeted an excerpt from an article which claimed that the New York skyline should not be visible from Harriman State Park’s Bear Mountain summit if the horizon was curved, due to the supposed 170ft. height of the buildings.

deGrasse pointed out that most buildings in midtown Manhattan were in fact taller than what the article claimed, before dropping one hell of a zinger on the rapper:

Now, it seems that B.o.B has responded in the only way he knows best- releasing a diss track titled Flatline, and employing the help of Neil Tyson to help bring it to life.

The song itself isn’t just terrible- it’s the context which makes this an early pop-culture gem for the year of 2016.

Lyrical highlights include “Use your common sense/why is NASA part of the department of defense?“, as well as “Fuck you and your team, you can sit on the bench with them/ They’re nervous but before you try to curve it, do your research on David Irving.

David Irving was renowned as a Holocaust denier, and B.o.B picks up on this theme, claiming that “Stalin was way worse than Hitler.

deGrasse’s nephew who goes under the name of Tyson responded to the track with a song of his own yesterday, releasing Flat To Fact.

“What about the change of seasons? The planet spins around the sun, do you need more reasons?/ It’s very clear your rapping for fame, because I represent the culture and the spirit we claim,” states Tyson.

NASA is still yet to comment on the ‘findings.’

View the hilarious exchange here.