Young Thug responds to Rich Homie Quan’s homophobia

Young Thugor as I like to refer to him ‘The Hip-Hop Human Headline’, has hit out at Rich Homie Quan following some less than favourable comments made by the Atlanta rapper towards one of his own fans.

In the midst of a performance in Florida, footage has emerged of a male fan getting a bit too “hands on” with Rich Homie Quan; attempting to grope the rapper, incurring quite the verbal spray in response.

I don’t fuck with no fucking faggots,” he declared, visibly angry at the situation that was unfolding on stage. The insults did not stop there however, with Quan drawing comparisons between the fan and fellow Rich Gang member Young Thug.

Back your ass up, you’re out here looking like Young Thug.”

Young Thugga didn’t take to kindly to the comments, taking to Twitter (the go to tool of the modern day rapper) to signal the end of Quan’s career.

Perhaps after taking some time to simmer and take things off the boil, Thugga took to social media yet again to forgive Quan and give him a pass, this time at least. For all we know he is still too busy attempting to gain custody of every one of his 12 children.

It’s unclear what sparked the sudden turn around in sentiment from Young Thug; we all know that he is itching for a good beef at the worst of times. It may perhaps have been influenced by the words of Quan’s DJ, DJ Fresh, who of course took to social media to set straight the “lame ass story” making the rounds.

Stop with this lame ass story man, that’s not what the fuck happened. Those were not shots, he stated that the dude who was being flamboyantly gay by trying to touch him looked like Young Thug, and then proceeded to say that he’s not with that type of shit!!!”

Apparently in the world of DJ Fresh, everything is okay with those comments JUST AS LONG as they’re not misconstrued as offensive toward Young Thug. The blatant homophobia and discrimination can stay however.

Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan have previously collab’ed together; perhaps their friendship trumped all and cooler heads prevailed this time around.

But now we know Young Thug is watching. Thugga is always watching.