LISTEN: Tink Shares Two Brand New Tracks

After the release of her video for Million, we called Tink one of the acts to watch this year. In her short career, she has continued to impress us. Since 2012, she has released six mix-tapes. The latest one, Winter’s Diary 3, was released in July. She was also chosen to join the XXL Freshman class.

Now, the triple threat from Chicago has teamed up with R&B extraordinaire Timberland, releasing two new songs, Dinero and Trust No One. With Timberland’s guidance and high-quality production skills, she has created two amazing track for us to enjoy.

First up, we have Dinero. If you’re having a rough day, this is the song for you to play over and over again. This track will lighten up your day like a love song, while you indulge in the lyrics about lust for wealth.

Please, don’t tell me you don’t feel that way after you get paid.

The slow, sensual beat sparkles as Tink glides into a set of lush harmonies and stellar rhymes. Her hypnotic singing, combined with the upbeat percussion-heavy melody will have you pressing the repeat button for the rest of the day.

Trust No One has a eerie sound (which is perfect, considering halloween has just passed by). The sinister flow of beats creates a cool atmosphere for the song, which focuses on the important of mental strength in relationships and refusing to put complete trust in anyone who may hurt you.

Her incredible flow was interrupted by a sample of Tupac from Fickle Mind$’s Bishop Nehru. The sample begins to interwine with Tink’s vocals as Tupac reminds us that “fear is stronger than love”.

Both tracks are great as alone, but listening to them one after the other, you can really hear the versatility of Tink. Each song is different from the other, with only one similarity. They are both bursting in pure talent.

Yes, we know you need to hear more. So do we. Unfortunately, we’re not sure when we will hear her debut album Think Tink. We’ll just have to wait until it’s ready. Obviously, we’re in for something epic. 

For now, listen to the two amazing tracks here: