Kanye West Changes Name Of Album – Again

In classic Kanye West fashion, the Chicago rapper has changed the name of his forthcoming album for the third time. First it was So Help Me God, then it was SWISH. Now he has taken to Twitter to inform the masses that the name has changed once again to Waves.

It doesn’t stop there though. He has also confirmed – in case you weren’t aware – that contrary to popular belief, this album is NOT the album of the year. It is, however, the album of “the life”. Because of course it is.

We’ve already heard a couple of tracks from the record; Real Friends and the Kendrick Lamar featuring No More Parties In LA, and the results have us really, REALLY keen to hear the rest. West is doing a pretty good job at not only keeping everyone really excited about this new record, but he’s also doing a great job at confusing everyone. From his (very poorly) hand-written tracklist, to telling everyone that G.O.O.D Fridays would be returning only to not actually release anything that following Friday, we think it would probably be best for him to maybe chill on the updates, and just release the record as a whole, completed project. But, if he did that, he wouldn’t be Kanye West – would he?


Kanye West has also shared an updated tracklist, which shows the record now being split into three “acts”.


Image via Consequence of Sound