The Dead Weather perform live for “I Feel Love” clip

First The Dead Weather announced the release of their new album Dodge and Burn on September 25th via Jack White‘s Third Man Records. Their first record in five years.


Then they let us down by announcing they wouldn’t be touring off the back of the album’s release.


They released a track, but it’s only really available on TIDAL.


Then they gave us a glimmer of hope by announcing they’d be performing on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on September 14th.

Tentatively excited.

Then they reminded us of what we’d be missing if they follow through on their no-tour mandate.


Filmed at Third Man Records the band today released a visually edited live clip of the track I Feel Love (every million miles). The previously released track is listed as the opening song on Dodge and Burn and you can see why. It’s a gut-kick of tight rock’n’roll with Alison Mosshart‘s (The Killsvocals bursting forth over the tight musicianship of Jack White, Dean Fertita and L’il Jack Lawrence.

So while we may be disappointed that a band with such an electric and visceral live presence won’t be gracing us with a tour, at least we get a hint of what we’re missing. Hopefully this will tide us over for another five years when they have enough time away from their side projects to release another album and perform on Conan or something.