Fabulous new music videos!

Unknown Mortal Orchestra: Can’t Keep Checking My Phone

Unknown Mortal Orchestra have released a beautiful, if not slightly bizarre new music video for their latest single Can’t Keep Checking My Phone. The video details different syndromes, emotions and phenomena, rendering it much more interesting and informative than the average music video. Some of the more notable phenomena include Stendhal Syndrome (a psychological disorder that includes rapid heartbeat, dizziness, confusion and fainting, Restless Leg Syndrome and Hybristophilia (in which sexual arousal and capacity to organism are reliant on the partner having committed an outrageous act of cheating, crime or violence). *Sidenote if you tend to be a hypochondriac watch this with caution… you may get ideas.

Le1f: Koi

Le1f has created an incredible music video centred around the idea of feeling a little cool towards someone who is hitting on you, that is, playing coy. Le1f performs in a whimsical beachside paradise, complete with swaying spouts of seaweed and large animated koi swimming around his head. Le1f’s joyful, cheeky lyrics are emphasised in his playful aesthetic, which incorporates colour, dance and animation in a way that is awesome to watch. Lyrics such as,

“I kiss boys but it’s just for stunts. I’m not giving them what they want.” and “You ain’t catching nothing but you keep throwing these lines out. I think you need some practice shutting your mouth,” cement his title as one of the best, and sassiest rappers around right now. He’s just so fab.

Crepes: Size of Your Town

Crepes’ video for their latest track Size of Your Town is a gorgeous blend of nostalgia and melancholy. Featuring rare footage of the forgotten Ballarat 80s music icons The Teddyboys, the film cuts shots of the long lost band with images of Crepes during and after a live performance in Melbourne. The new footage is filmed on an old VHS camcorder, creating a hazy lo-fi effect that blends remarkably well with the Teddyboys clips. The films’ slow, fuzzy quality gives a dreamlike sense of calmness, which perfectly matches the tone of the song.

Jonny Telafone: Waking Up Crying

Jonny Telafone has made an awesome new music video to go with his new track, featuring a verse from LA rapper and A$AP Rocky collaborator Bones. The track itself is intense and brooding, with a strong beat throughout. Shot and directed by close friends Jonnine Standish and Frank Valo, the film plays with water to focus on the way that it moves in different circumstances. In the film Jonny is haunted by the psychic energy of a girlfriend from his past life, and therefore seeks relief under various sources of water. The film is beautiful, muddying the line between film for entertaining and art.

Chiefs: Demon ft. Beayz 

Melbourne-based producer Sione Sisifa has added lyrical songwriting to his signature sound in his latest track Demon, which includes haunting lyrics from singer Beayz. Chiefs talked about how he chose an artist to turn the single into a dark animated video.

“I found (animation artist) JiJi Sama digging on Youtube and immediately hit him up to turn me into the sword wielding badass anime of my dreams. He saw exactly how the ‘Demon’ story should be played out and made it work really well.”