The Dead Weather, Run The Jewels and more for Colbert

Months after finishing up on The Colbert ReportStephen Colbert will commence his debut as the host of The Late Show on September 9th. While his position of the job is an excitement in itself, Colbert’s announcement of the guests that will perform on the second week of the show, has made the show even more inviting to us music lovers.

As we have already reported, Kendrick Lamar will be the first musical guest to appear on the new show, as Colbert takes to the stage, replacing David Letterman, who was farewelled by musical guests including Tom Waits, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Bob Dylan. Poetically, Lamar was also the final guest on The Colbert Report. 

September 14th will see the show featuring guests The Dead Weatherone of Jack White’s bands, who will soon be releasing their highly anticipated new album Dodge and Burn. (you can hear a bit of it now – if you have TIDAL.) It will be the band’s first live appearance in more than five years, and possibly the only one for a while – they have stated that they will not tour the new material.
White, who last released Lazaretto in 2014, also announced his own hiatus from touring this April. But he’s performed and worked with Colbert numerous times in the past, and has graciously made an exception for this one-off show.

But it doesn’t stop there. No, it only gets better. On September 16th, The Late Show stage will see not ONLY Run The Jewels but TV on the Radio – TOGETHER. In fact, TVOTR will act as RTJ’s live band in some kind of collaborative performance – which can only be like, the most amazing thing ever.

Considering the diversity and incredible talent of these four acts alone, it looks like we’ve got a pretty bloody amazing late night show to look forward to.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will premiere on September the 8th.