Chris Brown Threatens Tour Manager, Allegedly Abusing Drugs

Last week, TMZ reported that troubled R & B singer Chris Brown was being sued by his manager Mike G after allegedly beating him in an unprovoked and drug-fuelled rage that landed him in hospital.

Reports are further emerging that Brown’s female tour manager Nancy Ghosh quit in the middle of his European tour back in May after the singer angrily confronted her. According to TMZ, Brown went on a tirade that was so fierce that Ghosh stopped the tour bus and removed herself from the vehicle, quitting on the spot.

The worst part is that these latest string of incidents consistently add drugs into the mixture. We’re not saying drugs are any excuse whatsoever for a person’s behaviour or choices, but a person as volatile and with as many obvious issues as Chris Brown using and abusing them to the point of multiple incidences of physical violence, is a worrying sign. When someone like Chris Brown is allowed to feel above the law, having hardly been held accountable for his actions in the past, allowing them to continue their behaviour unencumbered and fuelling it with drugs has colossal disaster written all over it.

Indeed Ghosh, who has working credentials alongside the likes of Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Jennifer Lopez, claimed that the blow-up was over her own employment terms, citing Chris’s “irrational use of drugs” as the reason for her concern for her own safety in an email to the rest of his management team.

Ghosh also claimed that Chris made note of “what he did” to Mike G, and warned that he would do the same to her in a direct threat of physical violence. A production manager from the same tour has also reportedly contacted his lawyer after being on the receiving end of abusive and threatening behaviour from Brown.

This kind of behaviour has been a disturbingly consistent theme for Brown since his disgusting and violent attack on his then girlfriend Rihanna  in 2009. Since then, Brown has tried desperately to convince people that he has changed for the better, even releasing a song going by the title of Changed Man after the Rihanna incident.

However, time and again Brown has confirmed that these claims are as artificial and hollow as his music by continuing to treat women as though they are punching bags there to absorb his physical and emotional abuse instead of fellow human beings.

Let’s take a moment now to review the utterly toxic 2016 Brown has had so far.

January: Accused of Punching a woman in the face.

Back in January Brown was accused of punching a woman in the face at a party in Las Vegas.

Whilst the claims were refuted by Brown’s team and the woman in question was sued for her claims, it didn’t change the fact that Brown referred to the woman as a “dusty”, “old”, “ugly bitch” in an Instagram video. He signed off with the claim that he would end 2016 being “Hella rich for all the lawsuits” that he was planning to initiate.

March: Brown mocks Kehlani for going to hospital after attempted suicide.

Just when you thought Chris Brown couldn’t possibly sink any lower, he all but confirms his status as an actual demon. Back in March, 20-year-old singer Kehlani released a statement reporting that she was recovering in hospital after attempting to take her own life. Brown used every shred of tact he possessed (none) in taking the opportunity to ridicule her online, telling her to “stop flexing for the gram” and doing “shit for sympathy.”

If that wasn’t enough, Brown also took shots at her personal life, noting that “her DM’s have more names than the declaration of independence.” Cheers for that Chris!

April: Brown called out for “rape culture” lyrics.

Just let me rock, fuck you back to sleep girl, don’t say a word no, girl don’t talk.” 

Anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable right now?

These are actual lyrics featured in Brown’s single Back To Sleep, which sat in the Billboard Top 100 for a face-palming 17 weeks. Thankfully, Best Coast front-woman Bethany Cosentino took the time to call the lyrics out on Twitter, noting how “It’s an issue even if someone else was singing those lyrics. Rape culture is everywhere + it’s a BIG problem.”

Brown is a nasty piece of work, through and through. Of course music is music and it’s easy to turn a blind eye and focus on the tunes and not the people, but there has to be a line. If you seriously listen to Chris Brown and are comfortable doing so in light of his character and the logic-defying list of despicable things he has said and done and continues to do, it might be time to ask yourself why?

This list alone (and we’re only halfway through this year so far) and last year’s list of lowlights should be more than enough cause for people to stop giving further life to a career that should have disappeared years ago.

“I’m a changed man, because you mean much to me. I don’t wanna be done, I’m doing all that I can.”


Image: MTV