Chris Brown did something in poor taste for no reason

I know that this headline is in no way newsworthy, as earth-shattering as ‘the sun rose today’ and ‘you will pay your taxes this year’ as headlines are; however, Chris Brown‘s latest gaffe is one hell of a headscratcher. Here’s what he posted to Instagram earlier today:

Yes, that’s Breezy coming in hot with the Shyamalan twist! If you need some context for the photo, it was one of the last ever to be taken of Tupac before he was shot to death in Las Vegas in 1997. Apparently Chris Brown was also there, somehow looking like more of a dick that Suge Knight. That… that shouldn’t be possible.

This is childish at best and pretty disrespectful at worst and after a whole lot of backlash it was quietly removed. The Internet never forgets though. It never forgets. We’re not sure exactly what Chris was thinking in posting it but we’re guessing it was drugs. Very drugs.

This guy gets it: