Lil’ Dicky Chops It Up With Snoop Dogg For GGN

Lil’ Dicky‘s stock just continues to rise. From aspiring comedian to up and coming rap sensation, the Philadelphia native has crafted his own lane in the comedic rap stakes, and he looks set to continue his euphoric ascension well into 2016.

Dicky has joined Snoop Dogg on the resident stoner’s YouTube series GGN, where serious conversation is intertwined with a backdrop of marijuana smoke and Snoop’s corny one-liners.

This is of course not the first time that the two have combined however, with Snoop delivering a rather unique feature on Dicky’s breakthrough release Professional Rapper. Snoop portrayed a music executive, as the two rap back and forth depicting a job interview with Dicky’s street-cred hung out to dry.

The mainstream attention exploded when Dicky released $ave Dat Money, which featured surprise appearances from none other than Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan. The video itself has garnered over 25 million views, and his established Dicky as a household name in hip-hop conversations.

Despite praising Dicky’s technical ability and lyricism, Snoop seemed most impressed at Dicky’s efforts to film the $ave Dat Money video for free, even poking fun at his own production crew.

For free?! I need to work with you more more often you know how to shoot shit for free. I need to get rid of all these motherfuckers with these high ass prices…y’all shooting bullshit for a fee”

Dicky states that the moment he mentions to anyone his affiliation with Snoop Dogg, he always disappoints them by revealing that he has never lit one up with the king of the weed himself. Clearly he is hellbent on rectifying this situation, as the two immediately converse as to their favourite way to indulge in the sticky icky.

It’s clear that Dicky is utilising his connections to the fullest, and if he keeps chopping it up with legends of the West Coast, who knows what 2016 will have in store for him.

Image courtesy of GQ.