Lil Dicky $aves Dat Money

Rapper Lil Dicky earlier today released his latest video for his album Professional Rapper. The premise: How can he make the most epic rap video for no money.

Apparently, pretty easily.

The video begins with Lil Dicky proposing his concept via door knocking and intercom to Beverly Hills mansion owners and seemingly falls short, until one nice lady opens up her doors for him and his crew. What follows, is 8+ minutes of hilarity and not a bad track.

Featuring a Lamborghini, a yacht, a hijacking of T-Pain‘s own music video shoot, Lil’ Dicky certainly accomplishes his goal. With over 600,000 views on youtube within just 15 hours of the video posting online, it looks like the internet has a new hip hop force. The track itself is full of self-referential humour and toes the line of parody in the realm of The Lonely Island and Jon Lajoie but still offers a crisp, well crafted and clever rap song.

And if there is one word to describe Lil Dicky, it’s exactly that: clever. The song is like a beefed up, blinged out version of Lajoie’s Everyday Normal Guy, and the video is the same. The production values are great, the song is fun, and pulling it off is quite an achievement.

One can only wonder if T-Pain is feeling a little like Kanye right now, after his video which surely cost a fortune, might be outshone by a clip that cost nothing to make ALA OK GO‘s VMA winning video.

I’ll keep this short in the spirit of $avin’ Dat Money, but either way, Lil Dicky has provided us with some pretty decent entertainment recently, and if he keeps it up his videos will be highly anticipated by rap fans and regular folk alike.

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