Fetty Wap

Petition For Fetty Wap To Perform At Nancy Reagan’s Funeral

Fetty Wap is the subject of a new petition that doesn’t just request his presence at the funeral of Nancy Reagan, but that he perform his anthem, Trap Queen, in her honour.

Both hilarious and (I guess) disrespectful, the petition argues that the late wife of president Ronald Wilson Reagan (666!) had a hand in crafting what has gone down as one of the most diabolical schemes in America’s history.

It has been argued that while the first lady spent her time being the face of the incredibly ineffective anti-drug campaign, “Just Say No”, her husband and then-president of the United States, Ronald Reagan was directly involved with funding Contras (U.S backed and funded right-wing militia groups) in Nicaragua, who played a key role in supplying literal tonnes of cocaine to America, creating the cocaine/crack cocaine drug epidemic in the 1980’s.

The change.org petition opens up with, “she was married to the money and introduced America to the stove…”, and then goes on to argue that the duo of Nancy and Ronald Regan were directly responsible in creating a “school-to-prison pipeline.” and that “Blacks and Latinos went to jail in droves for possessing drugs her husband gave them.”

It concludes in saying that it’s only right for the Fetty Wap song to be played at her funeral, as any up and coming trap queen would likely need to, “hide in shame for her inability to be as diabolical as Nancy.”

I feel that it goes without saying that regardless of how many signatures this particular petition will get, it is a 100% certainty that Nancy Reagans funeral will be Fetty Wap free. Regardless, the comparison between the fictional characters in the song and the real life presidential duo might spark a conversation about just how outdated and ridiculous the notion of abstinence-based drug campaigns truly are. Although it’s unlikely to change anything in America, it might hopefully stop such ignorant thinking from creating similar modern campaigns in Australia (although it probably won’t.)

Image: gazettereview