Snoop Dogg Stars In Burger King Training Video

Snoop Dogg has a gift for creating something out of nothing. Who knew he could create a global buzz around Burger King branching out into hotdogs? An idea that quite frankly (pun absolutely intended) sounds frightening.

In a leaked internal staff training video, Snoop Dogg is revealed as the “Grilled Dogs Training Ambassador”, teaching Burger King staff all about the art of preparing hotdogs. Where can we petition to get Snoop to do training videos for EVERY job?

Today we’re training ya’ll about the newest menu item. Grilled Dogs. Hot dogs grilled to perfection. Break out the burners, as we grillin’ this dog my way; bikinis, martinis, zucchinis, yeah you know the rest. “

What follows is a captivating minute and a half of hot dog and condiment related puns, as Snoop trains haphazard Burger King employees through a crash course in preparing the new menu item.

Just in case you weren’t aware, relish is “nothing but chopped up pickles”.  Snoop Dogg, you have yet again blown my mind.

Although Snoop Dogg seems to have distanced himself from the hip-hop track making that made him a household name, he has taken to the entertainment world effortlessly, starring in a slew of commercials, heading up an anti-gun campaign, and providing a dose of social commentary in ways only Snoop D-Oh-Dub can provide.

Most importantly however, was the stellar news that Snoop’s weed filled online talk show, GGN, is set for a shift to the small screen. While we wait impatiently for new episodes to surface, we can revel in Snoop Dogg and his ability to make even a Burger King hot dog entertaining.

Image courtesy of  Spin.