Hopsin Explains Why He Left Funk Volume

Daymn! Funk Volume is no longer. Well, it still exists, but co-founder and star quarterback for Funk Volume, Hopsin has made it clear in his new track, Ill Mind of Hopsin 8, that he is gone for good.

Earlier this year, Hopsin hinted that he might be leaving Funk Volume by taking to Facebook in January to say:

Funk volume is officially dead now thanks to the monster Damien Ritter. There is nobody else to blame at all. I have officially separated myself from everything and I am fully independent now. It’s very sad but idiots like Dame wanna control too Much and now he end up destroying a great fuckin team. Having a crew like FV has been my vision since I was 14 years old and this man just destroyed it. Jarren, Dizzy, Swizzz, DJ Hoppa and I are all still on good terms. They will forever be my brothers and I support them in whatever they do. I will let u guys know the full story soon. You know ama keep it RAW for real. Ain’t no holdin back. I’m so sorry to all the FV fans. There’s a brighter future though. #undercoverprodigy.”

We have now been treated to the eighth instalment of Hopsin’s Ill Mind along with some visuals where Hopsin takes to the courtroom to address his split from Funk Volume.

He takes more than a few shots at his Funk Volume co-founder Damien Ritter, calling him a “new age Jerry Heller” among other things. Hopsin delves into his mind and vents his frustration, as he has been known to do in the seven other instalments of his Ill Mind, even going as far as becoming quite aggressive in the latest, and rightly so.

Well, it’s all one side of the story. This is not the first time Hopsin has lost his cool and unloaded on someone. Remember his $500K challenge? His Tyga diss Whack City? His 2014 rant where he wanted to quit rap and move to Perth. Ritter was meant to be hosting a Q&A session earlier, so we will soon have all the facts.

I think that what we can agree on is the snappy, trap track suits Hopsin’s style perfectly, and showcases what fans have loved about him since the beginning, and I don’t think he will have any trouble with his new label/company Undercover Prodigy. Take a peep at Ill Mind of Hopsin 8 below.

Image: Skilly