Tyga’s New Album Panned By Fans and Critics Alike

Perhaps associating with the talentless Kardashian family was a smart move after all for Tyga. The Californian rapper has just released his not so anticipated album, The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, and the critical response has been anything but positive.

There had been a faint glimmer of hope for the album when it was announced that fellow Kardashian fornicator (that is a technical term) Kanye West was jumping onboard and executively producing the project. However not even the musical genius of Mr. West could breathe life into the boring flow of Tyga, and the lazy-at-best lyricism. Perhaps still reeling from a verbal stoush with none other than Drake, the highlight of the album comes from the track Shaka Zulu, which sounds like a very close relative of Started from the Bottom. Drake of course fired the best verbal barbs of 2015 on his track 6pm in New York, urging Tyga to “Act your age and not your girl’s age”, a blatant shot at his relationship with 17 year old Kylie Jenner, after Tyga had taken to VIBE and labelled Drake “fake”.

The internet has been quick to hand out their knee-jerk reaction to the album, and the fans have also pulled no punches in offering their thoughts, and really, would we expect anything less from the internet?

If I can offer my own feedback on this album, this feedback is entirely warranted. Sure, there is a place for “party rap” and nonsensical lyrics, but if Kanye West is producing your album, I refuse to believe that you cannot come up with better lyrics than the musical equivalent of the insult to the English language, Fifty Shades of Grey:

“That’s some funny ass shit like Dave Chappelle”

“My dog tryin’ to knick-knack, give that dog a paddywhack,
Paddyback that, yeah, bounce it on my lap, lap”

Now this good dick only thing you used to,
Anything less couldn’t hear her with a bluetooth”