Ten Songs From This Week You Need To Hear Now

Spoiled for choice this week, when it comes to new music? Sounds about right. Don’t worry though, because we’ve got you. Lots of Aussie talent (RaRaZone OutGL and many more) flexing their knack for making damn good music, a killer hip hop collaboration from two of America’s finest, some dramatic synth pop and more – these are the ten songs from this week you need to hear NOW!

RaRa – young n dramatic

Melbourne hip hop act RaRa are quickly becoming one of my favourite acts in the country, and for good reason. If you’re yet to catch on, their latest track young n dramatic is the perfect introduction. Forward-thinking production, intelligent lyrics, four lead singers and their individual styles and some serious feels – this track has it all.

Zone Out – Inside

Zone Out are part of the legendary crew of Deaf Ambitions, sitting alongside acts like Crepes and Leisure Suite, so they’re in pretty good company. Inside marks just their second track on their SoundCloud, and what a doozy it is. Dream pop at it’s absolutely finest.

Autre Ne Veut – Panic Room

We caught up with Autre Ne Veut just last week, so it goes without saying that his latest single would be in this playlist. Crazy vocals, unpredictable synths, a whole lot of uncertain emotion – the man sounds quite panicked indeed. Taken from his latest album, Age of Transparency (which is out today!) this is Autre Ne Veut at his best.

GL – Number One

GL smashed it out of the park at last week’s OutsideIn festival in Sydney, then dropped this superb track just days after when fans were begging for more. It’s been a while since the release of their 2014 EP, Love Hexagon, but this track sees them welcomed back with wide open arms. Shimmery, fun, and just the right amount of 80’s nostalgia, this track sounds like Kylie Minogue-era Neighbours but with a modern touch.

KYLE – Remember Me? (Ft. Chance The Rapper)

It seems Chance The Rapper just can’t stop collaborating! This time, it’s with Californian rapper KYLE, and the results are a total dream. They’ve worked together previously back on The Social Experiment‘s Surf, and now they rejoin forces for Remember Me? Taken from KYLE’s upcoming album, Smyle, the Cali rapper said this was one of the hardest songs he’s had to write, but it definitely doesn’t show. Showing a bit of a slow and more pensive side to himself, Remember Me? is a soulful track with a lot to give.

Kuren – It Still Hurts

Yet another Australian producer making you feel bad about how little you have accomplished in your life, Kuren took the nation by storm this week with the release of It Still Hurts. Clearly taking note from the big dogs of the game, writing down their key moves and working them to his advantage, Kuren represents everything good about Australian dance music right now, and It Still Hurts is the proof. This song is a fucking jam.

Good Boy – Transparency

I’ve had my eye on Brisbane band Good Boy for a while now, and they definitely did not disappoint with their latest track. Sounding a little like a beer soaked version of The Ocean Party, their songs are refined and considered, and Transparency represents a big step forward for the trio. They’re about to go on tour, and I strongly recommend seeing them in action. More details here.

Hermitude – Ukiyo (Tina Says Remix)

Perth producer Tina Says is one of my favourite homegrown talents, and for very good reason. She almost keeps to herself in a way, and doesn’t get anywhere near as much recognition or traction as she deserves, but still she goes along, dropping mixes here and there to devoted fans. This Hermitude remix is yet another example of how much she’s got going on. Perfect for a sunny day or getting down in the club, she heaps a whole lot of genres and influences into the one track and cooks it up until it’s just right. Here’s hoping the rest of the country catches on soon.


Well, shit. Whenever Erykah Badu does anything, it’s time to prick up your ears. When she takes on what is arguably the biggest R&B track of the year, you down a few espressos and stand to complete attention. This is a ridiculously cool cover from the neo-soul legend. I’ll be honest – I prefer this to the Drizzy original. Drake should be honoured that she took it on. I’m honoured just because I get the chance to listen to it.

Kyler Slater – Black Eyes

Dark and seductive, this is kind of a halfway point behind The Weeknd and Chet Faker. Kyler Slater’s latest track is smooth and sensual, with a deep, enveloping beat and a massive bass that really gets under your skin. The overtly sexual lyrics don’t leave much up to the imagination – and pared with the intense beats, it makes for one visceral damn listening experience. Of the track, Slater says, “When you are at the edge of destruction and loss, you are inspired to write songs that, without diving too deep, can help you process emotions and move forward.