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Hopsin Calls Out 2 Chainz’ Lyrical Ability

Everyone’s favourite hip-hop critic Hopsin is back at it again, this time speaking out against 2 Chainz’ lyrical ability.

Back in 2013, Hopsin took part in an interview with XXL, where he said most Atlanta rappers “ain’t even really dope.” Despite the talent of Killer Mike and Andre 3000 who hail from Atlanta, we can only assume from Hopsin’s “worlds best diss,” No Words, that he is referring to trap music.

2 Chainz’ lyrics are clever and catchy, “for that world that he’s in,” Hopsin said during an interview for Vlad TV. “I’ve learned to appreciate the different types of genres within hip-hop itself. That’s something I wasn’t doing when I first came out… A lot of these songs are just not popping in my opinion. But I understand times change. Times always change… There’s a lot of songs that I like now that I wouldn’t have liked two years ago or three years ago.”

Hopsin has been very outspoken on the state of the rap game, even going as far as to challenge “anyone” to a $500k rap battle. I tend to side with Hopsin, as I am not a massive trap fan, though I appreciate that as hip-hop evolves, new genres are created. Perhaps these rappers (if we can still call them that when they are clearly making something other than hip-hop) have moved genres – Travi$ Scott, for instance, has even gone as far as to say “I am everything except a rapper” on his track Apple Pie.

Maybe if we add a couple of new names to the “hip-hop based” genres on the CD racks, then Hopsin can return to doing what he does best – complaining about rappers making music.

The video of Hopsin speaking out on 2 Chainz’ lyrical ability can be found below.

Image: YouTube