Hopsin fires shots at trap rappers in new video for ‘No Words’

God Bless you, Hopsin, for using your platform as one of the best young rappers in the game as well as your shithat insanity and your known lack of fucks to give to come out and say what so many of us are thinking: (a lot of) trap sucks.

If you’re wondering, the LA MC has released a music video for his skit No Words that doesn’t so much take shots at a lot of the more derivative tropes of modern day rap music as it does straight blast them and the artists who perpetuate them face first with the fire of a thousand hyper beams. Watch:

Simply and utterly amazing. Rap skits can often be hamfisted and cringeworthy, but this is an example of one done to near perfection. From the opening lines of ‘Man rap today fucking sucks bad, I don’t give a fuck what anybody says’ and ‘They’re not even saying words anymore! They just got a hardass fucking beat to trick dumbasses like you to make you think you like this shit!’.

Hopsin then proceeds to demand his producer ‘turn my reverb and my Autotune on real quick’. And from there he makes trap rappers look the damn fool. He doesn’t directly address anyone in particular in the song (doesn’t really need to) and we don’t want to point names or name fingers, (coughRich Homie Quan, cough cough-Rae Sremmurd), but Hopsin is so very much on point here. His lyrics are an indecipherable garble of Autotuned gibberish spat over a hideously derivative trap beat and it will have you in tears.

As far as visual highlights go, there’s the customary white Lambo, Hopsin’s ratchet dreadlock wig, an unnecessarily large cup of what one can only assume to be drank that only leaves Hopsin’s hands when he needs to wave around a money clip or a gun that he also uses TO HIT SLIDERS ON THE MIXING BOARD! There’s members of his entourage aiming assault rifles at the camera (while they also hold gold smartphones). There are twerking bikini models with guns too, plus a fat old blunt rolled in gold paper. Hopsin splits time between dancing in front of his Lambo, doing rap squats like it’s an exercise and making it rain to putting in work in the studio, rapping into the microphone while he holds a smartphone up to his face.

It’s all absolutely too much.

The only negative I can give you is that the video goes for but 1:38 when I could have watched it all day. Thank you again Hopsin, some heroes don’t wear capes.