Watch Killer Mike Slam Hillary Clinton At A Bernie Sanders Rally

Killer Mike continues to become one of the best musicians/activists of our modern time, and has once again joined Bernie Sanders at a rally in South Carolina, where he delivered yet another powerful, political speech about why he is voting for Sanders.

Recently, a young Black woman interrupted a private event where Hillary Clinton was speaking, to demand an apology for mass incarceration of African Americans in 1996, and to bring up actual quotes that Clinton has said in the past. Holding a sign that says “We have to bring them to heel”, the girl walked in front of everyone to hold up the sign, before addressing Clinton directly asking her to apologise to Black people. Unfortunately, she was disregarded entirely and was dismissed by Clinton, as the surrounding people hissed at her and told her she was being rude. Actual hissing noises. After that, she was escorted out by security, with Clinton saying, “Now, back to the issues” as if to say the girl’s questions weren’t an issue at all.

Naturally, when footage of this surfaced online, people went ballistic and Clinton was put under further scrutiny as to why she treated this peaceful protestor the way she did. Killer Mike especially, wasn’t having any of this.

Comparing the incident to another one involving Sanders and two Black women protestors, where Sanders actually shook their hands and let them speak whilst he stood to the side, Killer Mike (real name Michael Render) said “The proof is in the pudding every time.” Render also went onto draw attention to the fact that 51 years ago, Sanders actually chained himself to a Black woman in a protest against segregation, which is an astounding move even now let alone back then.

“If I could find a picture of you from 51 years ago chained to a black woman, protesting segregation, and I know that 51 years later you’re willing to fold your arms, hold your head and listen to two black girls yell and scream – rightfully so – as opposed to telling them to ‘shut up’ after you’ve read your own words… as opposed to someone who will tell you ‘later’, when it comes to your children dying in the streets, I know that the only person that I have the conscious to vote for is Bernard Sanders. I know that the only person my logical beautiful black mind will allow me to vote for is Senator Bernie Sanders.”

Take a look at the footage for yourself below:

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Image: NME