Here’s The Highlights From Skepta’s Interview With Zane Lowe

With the release date of his new album FINALLY upon us, UK grime MC Skepta sat down with Zane Lowe yesterday on his Beats 1 radio program to discuss the plans for his new album Konnichiwa.

What was just supposed to be a chat about new music quickly turned into an in-depth look into what drives Skepta on a personal level, with the rapper sharing some seriously deep stories.

You can listen to the full interview below, but if you don’t have a spare 20 minutes, here are some highlights from the chat.


Given the interview was aired in the UK, it was no surprise that talk quickly turned to the ever-growing UK rap scene. Speaking on the exposure that is being generated, Skepta noted, “I know my talent, and I don’t have to envy someone else who is big. Me and Stormzy toured the world last year and it’s all from the UK scene… It’s a certified thing that’s actually happening.” Skepta further emphasised that the ball is now in the court of the UK MCs themselves, noting that there were “no excuses” for people to not make the most of the new opportunities available to them.


Skepta has built a profile for himself that doesn’t involve much sentimentality or reflection. It was a welcome surprise therefore to hear the rapper open up about his Nigerian heritage, and how that effected him growing up. Recalling the first time he was arrested, Skepta told Zane that “The first time I got arrested, my Dad came to see me in the police cell and he just said ‘so my name is now in the police records?’…it was all about respecting the name.”


In what is one of the most anticipated albums of the year, Skepta dropped a few little info nuggets to listeners regarding the album, who will be involved and why it took so long. “I’m never going to announce that I’m doing a new album ever again”, he relented. “Waking up everyday with that hanging over your head almost doesn’t allow you to make the best album you can, which is why it took me so long.”

Skepta also dropped some news regarding a collaboration with Pharrell, which will appear on the album. “In this game you have people who love music, and some people who wanna be famous… Pharrell loves music… whatever financial situation he is in, his music is always gonna be sick. When I’m with him, it’s like working with someone who I’ve known my whole life.”


During the chat about the new album, Zane put the question to Skepta about whether Drake would feature on the new album. To our disappointment, Skepta shrugged off the possibility of a Drake feature on a Skepta record… before casually mentioning that just the opposite could be in the works, as in, SKepta may well feature on Drake’s forthcoming record Views From The 6. “We are trying to do something for his record. It makes more sense to be on his record rather mine.”

Given that the new Drake record Views From The 6 is set to drop next week, we’re crossing our fingers that some premium UK grime could make an appearance.


In another dose of feels, Skepta concluded the interview by recalling how an emotional visit to his Grandfather’s grave inspired him to give back to his parents. “I’m trying to get a publisher to sit with my mum and write her book, because everyone wants to know Skepta’s story but… her story is the sickest. I want that story to be told. That’s the next thing I’m gonna be doing.”

Konnichiwa is due out May 6.

In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the album with some seriously quality new music from the MC below.