WATCH: Stormzy Is “Scary” In Album Teaser Clip

Stormzy has released a 15-second clip, teasing his much anticipated upcoming album.

The clip, which the rapper posted through his Twitter account, doesn’t do a whole lot in regard to shedding light on the content of the grime MC’s upcoming album, merely teasing fans with hints at what’s in store.

The clip shows a darkened studio, with a number of Polaroids positioned around it. The shaky camera then looks around showing us a projector screen with the word “Scary” written white across a black background. The words quickly change to say “The album is coming”, before urging the viewer to “look behind you…” with the camera then spinning around to reveal a shirtless Stormzy shrouded in the studio’s darkness, and the thus far accompanying ominous choral vocals being changed up for the unmistakable sound of the rapper’s verse, before the video quickly cuts out.

It’s unclear at this point whether “Scary” is the title of his upcoming album, or, in what I deem to be more likely, “Scary” being the title of the album’s first single and subsequent music video.

Stormzy can be excused for leaving fans in the dark regarding the upcoming albums release date, as the Croydon grime MC has alraedy had a busy 2016. The rapper has managed to tackle the heavy subjects of race and sexism in a recent Oxford University lecture, has rap battled Kevin Hart, introduced Nandos to a burger idea they didn’t realise they needed, freestyled over Charli XCX’s immensely popular Vroom Vroom, and is even in the running to record England’s EUFA Euro 2016 song. And it’s barely April!

With Stormzy’s mainstream appeal expanding, while the rapper continues to maintain his grime roots, it feels like the perfect time to unleash his heavily anticipated album onto the masses.

Image: hypebeast