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Tyler, The Creator To Debut Clothes At Made L.A Fashion Show

Tyler, The Creator has managed to once again catch the eye of the fashion world, with the rapper’s clothing label Golf Wang set to debut its wears at the Made fashion week in Los Angeles this summer.

Tyler’s clothing designs have always attracted a flurry of commentary, from his Golf Pride World Wide pro-LGBTI shirt, which used a Neo Nazi groups logo against itself. His most recent stunt is a depiction of everyone’s favourite cluster-fuck, Donald Trump, with a Hitler moustache and a caption naming him America’s next president. The point I’m making is that when he releases limited edition clothing it’s pretty great. The Golf Wang collection usually features fairly simple pieces of clothing, such as shorts and polo shirts, with the often funny limited edition designs being the real highlight of Tyler’s creativity.


Image: High Snobiety

In a phone interview with Vogue, Tyler, the Creator attempted to shed light on his creative process when it comes to fashion: “I just make whatever clothes I want to wear for the next five months and then run that. I don’t really put deep, intricate thought into it – it’s more like a feeling,” he explained like a true fashion designer, before elaborating on why he decided to try his hand at the fashion world when he was approached by Made, “I just figured, why not? Why not do something different? Not everybody in the upper fashion world is wearing all-black Saint Laurent pieces and is super pretentious. I want to show them a different world.”

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of new and original designs spring from Tyler’s mind for the upcoming summer show, and whether any of them will be available on his somewhat lacking Golf Wang online store. If Golf Wang fashion appeals to you, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for any limited edition stock making its way into the online store June 10 and 11, which are the dates for the Made L.A fashion show.

Image: Mass Appeal