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Drake Sales Soar Thanks To Taylor Swift

With the release of his next album Views From The 6 peaking over the horizon ahead of its “April release,” Drake’s iTunes sales have over the past week soared in the lead up. Though it was just yesterday that he released two new tracks, Pop Style featuring Kanye West and Jay Z, and Faithful with Pimp C, this boost was given by an unlikely but not so surprising source.

Do you remember last week when Taylor Swift was in that ad for Apple Music where she was singing along to Drake and Future’s Jumpman on a treadmill? Yeah, that’s why. So far the video has racked up more than 11 million views on Youtube, and ‘Gymflow’, the playlist it was featured on, is up by 325% and now in the top 5 of the week. Drake and Future came out of it the best though, with those sales boosts coming from purchases of Jumpman, which have risen by a whopping 431%. Apple have definitely hit the nail on the head with what is a very simple but effective advertisement. Utilising both humour (spoliers: with Swift tripping on the treadmill at the end), and of course tapping into the fanbase of one artist to help another – they’ve made something which is easily sharable both among fans of Drake and Future, and of Taylor Swift, who have obviously gotten very into the king of Toronto.

This boost really couldn’t have come at a better time for the 6 God. With it just ticking over the April 6th in the Northern Hemisphere, the world has been gripped yet again by a severe case of Drizzy fever. With the release of Summer Sixteen back in February, we saw the artwork of a hand in the shape of a six, done by Commes des Garcons’ Filip Pagowiski. Today, we’ve seen photos of the same artwork being projected on the side of London’s Royal Opera House of all places. Whether this is just a simple reminder about the album, or maybe a tease to Drake’s signing and potential collaboration with grime kings Boy Better Know, remains to be seen.

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Image: Apple Music