Happy Easter: Kanye West Just Dropped A New Song, “Ultralight Prayer”

It was G.O.O.D Friday for real this week, with the Easter long weekend bringing a much-needed break to many of us. Kanye West has taken the opportunity to surprise fans by dropping a new song, mercifully on Soundcloud, titled Ultralight Prayer. Okay, so it’s only two minutes long, but it’s good, and it’s not shrouded in thousands of nightmarish Twitter comments, so we’ll take it.

As The Fader reports, the track is the isolated Kirk Franklin sample featured in The Life Of Pablo opening track Ultralight BeamThe sermon is isolated and supported by a really beautiful progression from a gospel choir.

Give it a listen here:

Perhaps West has finally deciding to cool it on the Twitter dramas, and get back to basics: making music. Perhaps he’s taken a leaf out of Kendrick Lamar’s books and all the praise he’s received for avoiding specifically Kanye-style antics. Who knows. Whatever the case may be, it’s a pleasure to report about new music instead of stupid celebrity bullshit.

In related news, this week saw Kanye West officially announce Famous as the first single off The Life Of Pablo. A number of scattered tour dates have also been revealed, indicated that a full world tour could be on the cards for 2016.

Image: Vibe