50 Cent Drops a New Mixtape, Video for ‘Too Rich’

50 Cent is nowadays more of a social media talking, walking headline. One minute he is filing for bankruptcy and baiting Floyd Mayweather and Rick Ross over Instagram and Twitter, the next he is showing off his new African crib to the world. The world of 50 Cent is quite the modern mystery, and it’s a wonder he has any time for new music with these, uh, questionable goings on.

There are however, brief glimpses into the past that emerge every so often, that remind us of how 50 shot to fame in the first place. His debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’ became an instant classic, and people all over the world are still eager to shout “Go shawty, it’s ya birthday” at every opportune moment.

This week 50 is back with an all new mixtape, The Kanan Tape, a release which restores some credibility to the New York MC, after his recent albums have failed to reach the high standard that he has previously set for himself. From the opening track Nigga Nigga, featuring Young Buck and Lil Boosie, it’s immediately clear that 50 is attempting to restore some animosity and anger to his sound. The lyrics have got me slightly confused as to whether 50 is truly bankrupt or not (is he even aware at this point?):

Nigga, quit talkin’ money round rich niggas
Nigga, we don’t care how much you got”

The two standouts on the tape in the form of the Sonny Digital produced I’m the Man, and Tryna Fuck Me Over, featuring Post Malonewho has recently teamed up with Young ThugIt is on these tracks that 50 really delves back into his element; catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and an overwhelming air of arrogance.

If a mixtape wasn’t enough, 50 has also blessed us with a video for the second track on the tape, Too Rich for the Bitch:

The video is an extravagant affair, filled with strippers and 50 makin’ it rain. Which only makes me wonder even more where this money is coming from.