Rick Ross: ‘I’m one of the biggest ghostwriters in the game’

Rick Ross likes to openly declare that he is “the biggest boss” of the rap game. Now he has added another title to his repertoire, that of the biggest ghostwriter in the business.

Ghostwriting has been the hot topic of the rap game in 2015; with Drake and Meek Mill engaged in their recent beef after Meek sprouted ghostwriting accusations on Twitter, bringing into question the legitimacy of the 6 God’s craft.

Ricky Rozay has now revealed that when he isn’t rapping derogatory and insensitive material and becoming embroiled in lawsuits, he is feeding some of the hottest names in the game some bars of the lyrical variety. In an interview with Time, promoting his upcoming Black Market release, Ross had the following to say:

I finally wrote a record telling the way it feels for me to be a ghostwriter, and not only a ghostwriter, but one of the biggest in the rap game. Because of my own personal success I’ve always been able to keep that in the shadows. On this record, I just felt it was so current. It was needed.”

It’s a pretty big call from the man who himself has created a fake persona as a gangster and hustler, when in reality he made a living as a correctional officer at a US prison, which has seriously dented his own street cred.

Ross noted that ghostwriting is dangerous in the world of battle rap,  but for mainstream artists it is certainly more acceptable:

When you’re an artist where maybe the focus is really the talent and the different things you bring to the game, I believe it’s more understandable.”

Rick Ross has continued riding this promotional wave, and it would seem that he is stopping at nothing to draw extra attention to his upcoming album. In a previous interview of a similar nature the larger than life rapper revealed his desire to work with none other than UK songstress Adeledescribing her recent smash Hello as “one of the biggest songs in the history of music.”

It remains to be seen if Ross is telling the truth, but it will be fascinating if any of the ghostwriting recipients are named.

Black Market is slated for a December 4 release.