Weekly Playlist!

First week back, and already we’re seeing some great releases this week! We’ve found the best for our weekly playlist, which has come just in time for your weekend!

Phosphene, Silver

US rockers Phosphene are kicking things off with this pearler. Shoegaze at it’s best, Silver is a sweet little number with dreamy female vocals and heavenly arrangements. At 2:42, things get really cool with an instrumental breakdown and those sweet, sweet vocal melodies.

Arctic Maps, The Ocean Is My Cathedral

Similar to London Grammar, Arctic Maps‘ new tune The Ocean Is My Cathedral is a beautiful little song featuring soft vocals and atmospheric vibes. The duo play with light and dark here as the track trickles along, with darker arrangements swirling under the surface.

Drake, Jhene Aiko, From Time (KRNE x Portrait Edit)

KRNE and Portrait‘s take on one of my favourite tracks from Drake‘s album Nothing Was The Same is glitchy and sparse, combining the strongest sides of both artists. It’s no secret we’re fans of KRNE here, and this song reiterates how good this guy is!

Water Strider, White Light

Shimmering, chilled out, powerful – three words to sum up this track. It’s dynamic and vibrant, and has a lot going on! Math rock guitars, jungle vibes in the rhythm section, falsettos and funky twists; this one is a winner!

Real Slow, Girl U Know

Real Slow cherry picks his way through the trending electronic genres to create a sound that is his own. Tropical house, hip hop beats, Girl U Know is packed full of good vibes and is another big step forward for the Australian producer.

Midoca, Gotta Go

Midoca‘s Gotta Go is one of the most intriguing tracks I’ve heard in a while. Soulful vocal samples, glitchy synth samples, crashing cymbals, then whirling atmospheric vibes – it’s a little left field, but try getting it out of your head!


You can’t NOT compare these guys to Purity Ring, but once you get past that you open a whole new world of spooky, dreamy electronica that is begging for your attention. Brooding and eerie, the song is as mysterious as the duo themselves, who seem to vanish from the Internet when it suits them and only reappearing when they’ve made another gem of this otherworldly pop (last time if was for two years!)

Lxury, Let Down

A modern take on classic house, it’s no wonder this song was the first to be featured on Annie Mac‘s Free Music Mondays on BBCR1. Not unlike Gold Panda‘s stylings, Lxury makes this his own with his looping and chopping. 2015 looks pretty damn good for this guy!

Action Bronson, Actin Crazy

The first track of Action Bronson‘s upcoming album, Actin Crazy is produced by renowned hitmaker Noah “40” Shebib, so it’s safe to say it’s gonna be good! It’s dripping with Bronson’s signature badass style, and is raising the bar for his album. We can’t wait!

ESESE, Aintno ft Hancoq

We featured this song earlier this week, but I think it deserves another mention. Packed to the brim with super cool vibes, Hancoq is just the best in this track. The soulful chorus with a surprise brass section and the hook, “Ain’t no stoppin’, ain’t no stoppin’ me” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head for days – not that we’re complaining!