WATCH: Childish Gambino once again killin it with “Sober” video

Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is many things – rapper, writer, actor, producer, comedian, singer, producer, handsome – and nowhere is his quite frankly annoying overacheiving nature more entertaining than in his music videos. Glover has a history of weird and wonderful videos, with 2014’s Telegraph Ave basically just laughing in the face of cinematic music video tropes with a twist ending that will blow your mind, and Clapping for the Wrong Reasons a twenty five minute mind fuck that if you figure out, let me know. I love Glover’s performance persona, and the brutal vulnerability that counters his on-stage bravado, but when I watched Sober, one of my top ten songs for the year from his 2014 mixtape/album Kauai, I was so happy to see Glover just really being funny again.


The clip features a not-quite-sober Glover drunkenly hitting on a girl in a diner, with Glover’s slapstick physicality countered by some rather amazing moves on the tables. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be an ode to “how funny is it when a drunk guy aggressively hits on you and makes you super uncomfortable”, but to me the ending makes it right.

What do you think?