Listen To Steve Vai’s Astral Guitar Licks On M83’s “Go!”

With M83s seventh album dropping this Friday, Anthony Gonzalez has has one final teaser in stall.

A shimmering synth pop track, Go! exemplifies the French producer’s talent for combining atmospheric ambience and infectious pop. Kicking off with a minimal introduction, there’s a certain feeling of ascension within Go!’s drifting synth pads. Contrasting the seductive detachment of Parisian vocalist Mai Lan with some virtuosic fretwork from the legendary Steve Vai, the track delivers some truly explosive moments. While the humble guitar solo has become a risky prospect within contemporary pop, Vai’s peerless and emotive fretwork stands out.

Considering M83’s 2015 collaboration with Haim, a project with Steve Vai might be considered a little more left of centre. But given the producer’s own ambient and shoegaze leanings, it’s not too far of a stretch to consider that the two could find some common ground. “We asked for the craziest space solo possible, which wasn’t hard for him,” Gonzalez reflected. “He sent us three different takes, and we blended two to make the ultimate Steve Vai solo. It was amazing to work with him.”

Gonzalez has expressed that the latest LP would be pushing towards the influence of 60s film soundtracks and 70s radio hits. There’s certainly some effortless camp behind the latest track, evident the the Space Oddity style countdown and Vai’s overdriven guitar.“Everyone’s trying to be modern and fit into radio formats, but I find that boring,” Gonzalez asserts. “Those songs were moving and sentimental. They had something to say.”

M83 will be hitting Australia next month (tour dates below).

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Tour Dates:

Tuesday May 10: Forum Theatre, Melbourne
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Wednesday May 11: Forum Theatre, Melbourne
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Saturday May 14: The Tivoli, Brisbane
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Monday May 16: Enmore Theatre, Sydney
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