WATCH: Grime Takes On The USA In This New Mini-Documentary

A new mini-documentary, filmed at SXSW, takes a look at the tremendously growing popularity of grime in the USA. The five minute video features interviews with artists and media including founder of SBTV, Jamal Edwards, Lethal Bizzle, Ghetts and Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, discussing the rise of grime outside of its UK roots, the importance of bringing this culture to other parts of the world, and the US reaction to such a distinctly British style of music.

it’s early days to look at the impact that grime is having in other nations, but at the same time, it’s incredible to see how quickly audiences have taken to Skepta, Stormzy, Wiley and more.

Crowdmix and SBTV got together to create the video about the growing phenomenon, which allows an inside look at the way it’s been embraced, and what people are making of this British invasion on US airwaves. This year’s SXSW was in particular hailed as a turning point for grime overseas, with so many artists drawing mammoth crowds to their incredibly high-energy shows.

Watch the full video below, which provides some really interesting insight into the power of the upcoming movement and the developing relationship with US fans.

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Image: BBC