LISTEN: Royce Da 5’9″ feat. Pusha T & Rick Ross, “Layers”

Royce Da 5’9” is becoming a goddamn firefighter’s worst nightmare, with his latest track Layers sure to set your eardrums ablaze.

The Detroit MC has released the titular track from his upcoming album, Layers. The song boasts the collaborative power of both Rick Ross and Pusha T. With his Tabernacle: Trust The Shooter mixtape still fresh in our minds, Royce Da 5’9” has managed to conjure up another solid song with this latest demonstration of pure hip-hop gold, no gimmicks. The hook-less track with its bopping beat and ethereal backing vocals lay the foundation for the three heavyweights to focus on spitting verses which show off their impeccable ear for rhyme and word play.

Pusha T plays bandleader, kicking off the first verse with unmissable swagger and slick verbal acrobatics.

Tug of war and my mind’s like a clash of the titans,
Thoughts contrast so it’s layers to my writin’,
God fearin’, but I’m God fishin’,
Yeah, God hearin’, but I’m gone fishin’

Before, going into a textbook demonstration on how to resolve one’s problems while managing to give out a backhanded shout-out to Pitchfork.

I philosophize for them Pitchfork scholars,
Devil on my shoulder and the pitchfork follows,
Poking at my problems, I know how to solve ’em,
With a ski mask, automatic or revolver

This first verse sets the scene for the main event, which is Royce’s raw talent on the mic, managing to squeeze in a number of outstanding quips while rarely wavering from a chance to highlight his sexual bravado.

 I’m Doug E. Fresh in the flesh, I beat box,
I boo-boo-du-du between the sheets to seek the G-Spot,
I’m in bed with three naked ladies holding hands,
I’m in bed with three major labels,
And I ain’t talkin’ ’bout wearing clothing brands

The track crescendos with the unmistakable gruffness of Rick Ross, who lays out his trademark style of bragging rap to highlight his boss hog living lifestyle, while reflecting on the drug dealing past which allegedly got him there.

Started hands on, a nigga still pulling strings,
Hotel suites, straight selling nigga’s dreams,
Motel 6 as I let the beeper ring,
Was a water boy, but balling always in my genes

Royce’s upcoming sixth solo studio album is set to be released April 15, and if this track is any indication of what we can expect from it, then it may well be his best one yet.

Image: complex