Haim and M83 just released a song together

It’s been ages since we’ve heard anything from French post-electro legends M83, and I certainly wasn’t expecting this. Fresh from their collaboration with EDM star Calvin Harris, everyone’s favourite sisterly trio Haim feature on the new track Holes In The Sky.

It’s fairly toned down and not as epic as the majority of M83 stuff, and definitely sounds like the kind of song that comes on as the opening credits start rollin and people file out of a movie theatre. It’s lush and emotional, with sweeping chords and strings and booming choruses.

The track features on the soundtrack to upcoming film Insurgent, a part of the Divergent film series. Much like the original film, the soundtrack was beyond stellar (much better than the film IMO). The full soundtrack also features original tunes from Royal Blood, Anna Calvi, ZOHN and, for some reason, Imagine Dragons.