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PLAYLIST: The Best Songs Of The Week – Super Sized Edition

The Easter weekend always throws a spanner or two in the works when it comes to organisation, so you’ll have to forgive us for skipping last week’s playlist. However, because we know you clearly wait on this to come every Friday, we have collected the best songs not only from this week, but last week too to form one big, mega, super duper playlist overflowing with stellar musical gems. Enjoy!

Thomston x Wafia, Window Seat

Newcomer Thomston has teamed up with rising star Wafia for this brand new track, and it totally blew us away. Sharp beats pierce the hazy synths, ticking away whilst a bed of atmospherics oozes below. It’s got some beautiful and passionate lyrics and vocal efforts from both artists, and shows them both off so well. It’s a pretty intoxicating blend of RnB and electro, creating a gorgeous song that will hold both artists in great stead as they continue to blow up.

Meredith, How Could You Believe That

Just listen to that voice! I was hooked from the get go, but got weak at the knees around 47 seconds when things really kick off. Meredith has been kicking around for a while, but this song is something else all together. It’s powerful, and demands you to sit up and listen- but she makes it sound so easy. Her voice almost has a hint of “I told you so” smugness as she asks the song title over swelling harmonies and explosive synths and cymbals. She’s got the experience behind her, and now she’s got the single to truly break through. Go girl!

Lupa J, Numb

Lupa J doesn’t always release new music, but when she does it’s truly something else. More than worth the wait, she has now returned with Numb; just under 4 minutes of a dreamy, electro kaleidoscopic. Turning and spinning unpredictably, Lupa J keeps you on your toes with this enchanting track. Her breezy voice is sublime as it glides across her shifting bed of noise, calming and hypnotic as it goes. Fresh from supporting none other than Grimes and taking out triple j’s Unearthed High competition for the second year in a row, it’s safe to say Lupa J is the real deal.

Nearly Oratorio, Occlude

You may recognise these vocals as those of I’lls or Kllo, due to the fact that the man behind the voice, Simon Lam, is a prodigal music wizard. Nearly Oratorio is yet another project of his, and it too doesn’t disappoint. Occlude is the latest single from his forthcoming EP, Tin, and is a snapshot into just how precise and meticulous Lam’s mind is. A more intricate song released in recent times, you probably can’t find. Layers of delicate keys intertwine whilst an almost tribal like drum beat quietly comes into play, before Lam’s Grizzly Bear-esque voice falls soft above it. It all kicks in around the 1:30 minute mark, and the gentle but hypnotic concoction of all of his elements tied together with some expert production is almost too good. Bring on the full release of Tin, because we need more of this in our lives!

Verge Collection, Class Of ’09

I really like this song because I think along these lines more often than not. Tackling spoilt brats who think they have it hard, Verge Collection ask us all to check our privilege a bit with the tongue in cheek hook, “Wasn’t high school hard?” Talking about still sucking a silver spoon whilst pretending otherwise, Verge Collection sound pretty fed up with these folks, but they make it sound so damn good with their Aussie indie sounds. Tight guitars and drums, a catchy hook and a searing guitar solo to really take things to the next level, Class Of ’09 is a fantastic track following on from the release of their debut album, Our Place. Here’s hoping we hear more of these guys soon.

Feki, Thankful

I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF FEKI! Every single time he releases a new song, I am blown away by it again and again. Thankful once again has outdone anything he has released prior to this, making me question just how good someone really can get. Clearly working hard to hone his skills more and more with every track, Feki is quickly becoming one of the most hyped artists in the country, and it doesn’t take long to see why. Thankful is a slow burner, with atmospheric synths slowly climbing to exhilarating heights, where his signature rolling drums and vocal samples come into play. The synths and atmospherics bloom gracefully, swirling around the almost trap-styled percussion, creating a gorgeous build before the real fun begins. Thankful is probably Feki’s most beautiful track yet, delicate and gentle as it rises and falls. Don’t say we didn’t warn you that he’d take over the world!

Big Wild, Aftergold Ft Tove Stryke

Aftergold was previously released just as an instrumental from Big Wild, but now he has teamed up with Swedish pop star Tove Stryke to breathe new life into his already stellar track. Playful and fun, Stryke turns Aftergold into a sassy, boastful, confident jam. Sounding right at home over Big Wild’s jangly chimes and synth sounds, as well as his rolling drums and hard hitting booms. In fact, this new take sounds so good we wouldn’t be surprised if Big Wild didn’t venture further into the pop realm thanks to Stryke. Previously released on ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective, we can only expect bigger and better things from Big Wild, but we can’t help hoping it’s more material with Stryke. Match made in musical heaven!

Anna Of The North, Baby

Reminiscent of James Blake, Anna Of The North’s new single, Baby, is an intimate and fragile number that gives you a vulnerable feeling almost instantly. It’s slow, smooth and forlorn as Anna pines after an uncertain lover. It’s got traces of 80’s electro with her drum machines and synths, but has been brought into the future thanks to her forward thinking production. It’s got that on edge feeling you get when you don’t know where you stand with someone, and although that’s not an easy feeling to experience, Anna Of The North captures it so well. A truly beautiful song.

Skies, Speed Boy

Now this is a jam. Adelaide synth pop trio Skies have teamed up with acclaimed producer Steven Schram (San Cisco, The Cat Empire, Paul Kelly) to lend his musical know-how for their latest single Speed Boy, and they’ve pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Sexy, smooth, and explosive in all the right places, this smoky pop/RnB number is inviting and seductive as they pull you in, bewitching you with their tight drums and excellent synth work- not to mention that falsetto. The guys have supported the likes of Tkay Maidza and SAFIA last year, and judging from the sounds of this track here, they’re ready to give it their all this year. We can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Colourwaves, Night Boat

Sydney artist Colourwaves has been doing his own thing for a little while now, so I guess you could say he’s been making waves of his own… All puns aside, this latest track sounds like a fantastic blend of the likes of M83, Neon Indian or Washed Out, melded together with his own flair. It’s woozy and lush, and takes me back to the late 00’s when things were much easier. His vocals soar gracefully over his 80’s synths and pulsing atmospherics, whilst a muffled drum beat keeps things coasting along very nicely. Night Boat is the latest taste of his fourth EP, which is set to drop this month, so be sure to take my word for it and keep an eye out for that!

Nina Las Vegas, EZY

Yassss Nina! The queen of Australian dance music strikes again with this banger. Delving further into that Jersey bounce, big room stuff we’ve heard from her in this past, this track absolutely bangs – and bangs hard. Skittering synths and huge beats combine to make it a total ear worm; a hugely exciting move from the legendary radio host/DJ. Out now on her own label, NLV records, Nina is continuing to slay making her own way as an artist in the industry, and it’s tracks like this that really bring home the message of just how good she is.

Huntly, We Made It

We recently premiered a stunning video for this Melbourne band, and they didn’t waste any time pumping out another utterly sublime track not long after. Titled We Made It, this song is just perfect. From the heavenly vocals of lead singer Elly, to the lofi RnB beats, the gentle blooming synths and more. It’s just beautiful, and wins best track on this list by far. Huntly are onto a really good thing here and I am so excited to watch what they do next. They’re launching their single on April 14 at the Gasometer in Melbourne, with Mondegreen, Corin and our favourite, Squidgenini which promises to be an unreal night. Get along if you know what’s good for you.

LDRU, Keeping Score (The Meeting Tree Remix)

This track was already huge, but The Meeting Tree just took it to the next level. With bass that would blow your speakers, they go in, taking the already dance floor friendly track into the dark, dingy club. These guys are notorious for just having fun, and that’s exactly what they’ve done here. Hitting the road again this June, LDRU is set to play some of his biggest venues yet, as he continues to acquire an almost cult-like following. Fingers crossed the Meeting Tree show up to rip into this bad boy!

Deeds, Dream Song

New Brisbane band Deeds are really fresh on the scene, but the combined years experience of each of the members puts them at veteran status- and their latest single proves it. Dramatic pianos, big crashing drums, stunning vocals and more, Dream Song is as impressive as they come for a new band. Vocalist Beau Lindsay sounds incredible, his voice bellowing as he cries his gorgeous lyrics. I think what I love most about this song is you can really feel how much time and effort has gone into it, and it really shows in how well it has come together. Deeds is a name you had better remember.

Holy Fuck, Xed Eyes

Amazing band name aside, Holy Fuck are actually so good it borders on ridiculous. Xed Eyes is the latest release from their forthcoming album, Congrats, which is out in May, and is just under 4 minutes of weird, glitchy, industrial electro punk. With heavy effects on just about everything, the band have really played around with their sound on this one, and it had me hooked from the get go. Things get really hectic with about a minute to go, and you can practically imagine the heaving crowd that would be whipped into an absolute frenzy when this one would be played live. They’ve just announced some overseas dates, so fingers crossed they set their sites for Australia VERY soon indeed!

River Tiber, Illusions (Ft. Pusha T, Prod. River Tiber, Kaytranada, Doc McKinney)

River Tiber is the latest signee to local label Good Manners, who won’t fall in the “local” category much longer thanks to their knack for signing acts that really are something else. Illusions sees River Tiber team up with none other than Pusha T, who lends a fiery verse for the otherwise blissed out track. It also has production credits from none other than living legend Kaytranada, as well as Doc McKinney, proving that sometimes more hands are better. Illusions is lofi heaven, and a rare occurence to hear King Push on such a chilled out number. Thankfully, Pusha T must have seen what Good Manners saw, and the world is beginning to see- and that is a very talented artist just about to hit his prime. Stay tuned for this guy!

Gypsy & The Cat, I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else

Gypsy & The Cat continue their triumphant return with yet another outstanding single, I Just Wanna Be Somebody Else. Providing the perfect soundtrack for that impending existential crisis, Gypsy & The Cat take things down a few levels from their all out synth jams to delve into a kind of chillwave area – an area they actually sound great in. As dynamic as you can get with a track this chilled out, the thick, buzzsaw synths of the hook paired with the quiet verses creates a back and forth not unlike the feelings and thoughts you’d be having if you were the protagonist of this track. It makes me feel okay to want to be somebody else, as long as I get to listen to this bad boy while I’m doing it.

Jenny Broke The Window, Airport Love

Jenny Broke The Window are one of those bands that you may say you’ve never heard of them before, and you’re met with a chorus of “Really?! You’ve never heard of them?!” Well, that happened to me anyway, but I’ve since learned my lesson and they quickly earned a permanent place on my radar. If you haven’t heard of them either (Seriously?!), let their latest single serve as the perfect introduction to them. Airport Love is a perfect slice of alt-pop, with breezy, airy vocals and a slowly rising bed of sounds that is added to bit by bit until you’re presented with a fully fledged indie pop tune to boogie to. They’ve locked in some pretty impressive support slots over the past few months, and by the sounds of this, things are only getting bigger and better for them in the very near future- for very good reason.

Boys Noize, Starchild (Ft. Polica)

Fresh off the press just today, Boys Noize has shared a brand new track today through Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show. Being heralded as Lowe’s latest “World Record”, this time we see the legendary techno wizard team up with Polica for some absolutely stunning vocals. Titled Starchild, this track has a dramatic build, twinkling atmospherics and underground techno/footwork sounds that show Boys Noize is really on his A game with this new material. The track also comes with the announcement that a brand new album is on its way, and will be out in late May. Titled Mayday, it’s meant to be his “most dynamic album to date”, and judging from this and his previous track Euphoria ft Remy Banks, I’d say we are all in for a real treat come May 20!

Ecca Vandal, Truth To Trade

Ecca Vandal rules. Everything she touches rules. Her songs are so badass and unashamedly confident, she makes me want to get up and kick the day ahead in the face. Truth To Trade is no exception. With a guitar that stirs in your loins and her punk vocals not holding back even for a second, she once again gives it her absolute all here. Taken from her End Of Time EP released earlier this year, this track was a true stand out on that record, so it’s only fitting it gets its own single treatment, with a kickass clip to boot. Check out the video below, with footage taken from her Sydney show on her recent tour, and try not to break anything as you thrash around to this!