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PREMIERE: Get Lost In The Smokey RnB Haze Of Squidgenini’s ‘Fire’

Melbourne-via-Brisbane producer extraordinaire Squidgeninis probably not an artist you have heard of before, but now that she’s releasing her first ever official single, it’s definitely time to change that. With a focus on seductive RnB and progressive, forward-thinking production, Fire is a song you need in your life NOW.

With a light hip-hop beat starting things off before a thick bassline descends like fog, Squidgenini’s voice is sublime as it glides through the haze. She sings of an all too familiar situation for some, with lyrics like “I know it was my idea and then I took off all my clothes/ But I wasn’t expecting you to forget all of the rules“. Playing with fire can be a fun, albeit dangerous activity, and Squidgenini makes it sound all the more inviting in this number.

It’s equal parts impressive as it is inviting. Showing off her incredible vocal range, the song nears explosive territory as she gets more and more frustrated with her situation, and lets her voice soar to almost impossible heights, whilst her thick RnB/hip-hop infused production is more accomplished than your standard bedroom producer. It’s a song that captures your attention instantly, and has you desperate to hear more. It may only be February, but Fire is already one of the best songs we’ve heard all year.

Considering her Soundcloud has just two demos from over a year ago, it seems like Squidgenini may be taking some steps to really kick things off for this project. Fire is the first single from her, but there’s hopefully more where it came from. To keep up with her, check out her Facebook and Soundcloud.