Lenny Kravitz Mourns The Loss Of His Friend and Hero Prince

In a recent moving piece by Rolling StoneLenny Kravitz joined in the appreciation and mourning of the late great Prince, sharing stories and recalling the impact on his life. The pair’s friendship spanned over two decades, therefore when Prince suddenly passed on April 21, Kravitz lost not only “one of his biggest influences, but also one of his dearest friends’.”

“I saw him so much, in and out, that I can’t remember the last time we spoke. I heard about the plane landing the other week. It knocked me really out. I still haven’t really recovered. Not to be dramatic or overly sensitive, but I really feel like a piece of me died.”

He went on to say, “I say that because of what he meant to me as an influence. I remember sitting in biology class in high school. I had a Sony Walkman and I’m listening to Dirty Mind. I’m listening to Head and I’m studying Doctor Fink’s synthesizer solo. I just remember sitting there and listening to it over and over. That record just opened up my imagination as to where I wanted to go. He looked like me. I could identify with him. I had this big imagination as to where I was gonna go, and it did not fit in a box. He was saying to me, ‘You can do this. This is how I did it, and now you do it your way.’ That meant a lot. He was a mentor and then someone I got to know as a friend and play with. So when he left, a part of me really went too.”

He described the moments he jammed on stage with Prince as ‘fun times’ where they would spontaneously jump around to different instruments, constantly mixing it up. Sadly this was at a time where camera and video cell phones weren’t around, therefore footage of these moments is scarce.

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In other news, Prince’s backing band The Revolution who performed on Around the World in A Day, Parade and Purple Rain, earlier today announced that they will be reforming and performing shows in tribute to the legendary performer. More details are yet to be released.

Image: Oh My Mag