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Dro Carey Announces New EP, Listen to “Queensberry Rules” ft. Kučka

Last week, Sydney producer Dro Carey (real name Eugene Ward) was announced as the newest signing to new Melbourne label Soothsayer, only the second artist on the new roster after Roland Tings. Now he has shared a new collaboration with Perth singer-songwriter Kučka, along with details of a new EP entitled Dark Zoo, set for release on May 20.

Premiering on Triple J last night, Queensberry Rules is the first cut taken from Dark Zoo. Though his past work on labels like Greco-Roman, TTT and Templar Sound have predominantly been instrumental tracks, Queensberry Rules a completely fresh sound brought together by two of Australia’s fastest emerging names. While much Australian electronic music seems to be going for brighter feelings, Dro’s work has always been more in line with grime and UK garage, and Queensberry Rules sounds damn fresh. Kučka’s vocals bounce high up over the low thumping synths and bass, with a shifting drum beat that just begs movement.

Dro Carey explains the lead up to the collaboration, saying he “came across Kučka’s SoundCloud around the same time that she was building up to her Unconditional EP, maybe a little before that. She was on my radar as a really interesting artist but this was back before there was even the sense that the next Dro release would have any vocals. Later after I’d done some demos that were looking like potential vocal collaborations, I saw her name come up again one day. I always thought of her as a kind of dream collaborator to take a shot with, so I was honestly a bit surprise when she came straight back after the track and was keen to work on it!”

With Dark Zoo out May 20th, Queensberry Rules definitely sets the tone for what should be a phenomenal first release on the Soothsayer label. Check the tracklist down below, and pre-order Dark Zoo right here.

Dro Carey, Dark Zoo track list

  1. Queensberry Rules (feat. KUČKA)
  2. Signal Mash
  3. Dark Zoo (feat. FKL)
  4. Grow Lithe
  5. Hidden Halls

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