Aesop Rock Is Debuting New Album With Accompanying Movie

We’ve seen some slightly unorthodox album release methods recently, but now, Aesop Rock has raised the bar again, releasing a fully animated movie to accompany his forthcoming album The Impossible Kid.

With the album due for official release this Friday, the stream provides an insight to the visual side of Aesop’s artistry.

Having already released a video for his latest single Blood Sandwich the start of this month, as well as a clip for Rings earlier in the year, we already had some taste of the direction Aesop was taking with his new record – not to mention the strange semi-animated miniseries he recently unveiled in collaboration with Funny or Die.

The music itself is a fusion of glitchy techno and hip-hop, with Aesop’s disjointed rhymes perfectly complementing the controlled chaos of his surrounding sounds.

The film details the life of a claymation figure as he makes the transition from boy to man in his animated universe. Along the way, the character encounters corporate CEOs,  abusive relationships and criminal activity, giving a unique insight to the personal experiences of Aesop himself in the process.

Watch and listen to the full album below.

The record itself is self-produced and was inspired by the death of one of Aesop’s close friends, prompting him to move to an isolated wooden barn in San Francisco.

The Impossible Kid movie is just another addition to an already diverse collection of videos that the rapper has been releasing this year, including this mini series with Funny Or Die which sees Aesop visit a wild bear for a therapy session.

Despite the bizarre content coming out of the Rock camp, one can’t deny that the music he is producing is some of the best he has released in his career.

The Impossible Kid comes out on April 29 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. Pre-order digital and physical copies here.

The Impossible Kid Tracklist

01. Mystery Fish
02. Rings
03. Lotta Years
04. Dorks
05. Rabies
06. Supercell
07. Blood Sandwich
08. Get Out of the Car
09. Shrunk
10. Kirby
11. TUFF
12. Lazy Eye
13. Defender
14. Water Tower
15. Molecules

IMAGE: Sound of Boston