Watch The First Episode Of Aesop Rock’s Really Weird New Weekly Video Series

Rapper Aesop Rock recently announced that he was releasing a brand new album, The Impossible Kid, on April 29th.

The news came along with a brand new song, Ringsand a surreal, immersive video clip which saw his brain and body literally cut open to expose countless drawers and furniture-like storage spaces.

Now, Aes has teamed up with Funny or Die for a brand new weekly mini-series of weird, wacky and totally surreal episodes. It’s truly absurd, but it does provide insight into the rapper and his upcoming album. The first episode is out, titled, Sorry I’m Late.

The Impossible Kid was written after Aes moved out of the city into a remote barn, following the death of a close friend. The first video in the mini-series features (other than a sick soundtrack) Aes on a couch in a makeshift therapy session in the middle of the woods. Oh, and his therapist is a cartoon bear.

Keep an eye out for new episodes every Tuesday.

The Impossible Kid comes out on April 29 via Rhymesayers Entertainment. Pre-order digital and physical copies here.

The Impossible Kid Tracklist:

01. Mystery Fish
02. Rings
03. Lotta Years
04. Dorks
05. Rabies
06. Supercell
07. Blood Sandwich
08. Get Out of the Car
09. Shrunk
10. Kirby
11. TUFF
12. Lazy Eye
13. Defender
14. Water Tower
15. Molecules

Image: Pitchfork