Run The Jewels Discuss New Album, Bernie Sanders With Zane Lowe

Run The Jewels sat down with Zane Lowe this morning in a brief but insightful interview about the progression of Run The Jewels 3, Bernie Sanders and more.

Known for their strong political views, particularly Killer Mike‘s vocal support of US presidential candidate Senator Sanders, the duo had plenty to talk about in 15 minutes with Zane, giving a unique glimpse into what has been going on behind the scenes in the duo’s world.

The group wasted no time shooting down the recent snobbery professed rock legend Gene Simmons from KISS over the nature of rap, with Mike stating “Our generation, we really weren’t that hyper for you Gene, I’ve gotta be honest. We discovered this thing called rap… a few years later kids that Ronald Reagan had taken instruments from, they discovered how to use computers and synths… we’re getting a bit tired of you saying because we don’t play keys we aren’t musicians… with you’re big boots and your stars on yo’ face.”

On the group’s recent appearance at Coachella, which was introduced via video by Sanders and saw the group debut a new video and song, they noted that “He was talking at one point about actually physically coming to be there, which he couldn’t… because he was slightly busy… Bernie is obviously smart and cool enough to know the difference between politics and music.”

“I was touched by the honesty of it and the realness of it, and kids loved it…that’s a pretty cool thing in this country.”

The group also dropped some news regarding their new album  and potential collaborations, noting that “we are about halfway through the record.”

“The way we always approach [collaborations] is that if it happens then it happens… we love collaborating with people but we won’t sit down and plot it out unless we have a musical idea… we tried to get MIA for the last record… we love her.”

New album in 2016? “That’s the mission.”

Listen to the full interview below.

All signs are looking good for a new RTJ record soon, with a this series of Tweets last month  further confirming that the new record is well and turly underway.


Image: aclfestival