Run The Jewels Unveils 360 Degree Music Video For ‘Crown’

We are truly living in a crazy era of technology, and music lovers are clearly reaping the benefits. We have 18 year old rappers landing record deals thanks to Soundcloud formulas and algorithms, and now we have been further introduced to the concept of the 360 degree music video, courtesy of Run the Jewels.

The New York Times has officially unveiled its inaugural music issue, coincidentally releasing two 360 degree experiences as part of its VR application. One video provides a unique insight into the home studio of The Internet‘s own Syd Tha Kyd, showcasing just how intimate an experience with this new technology can be, and the ways we can get even closer to our favourite music personalities.

The other experience is of course a 360 visual interpretation of RTJ’s Crown, a dark, moody and melancholy track which is all but brought to life through the ability to engage with the visuals, be it a menacing weapon or a brooding weather phenomenon.

The thumping bass of the track is brought to life even further by the immersive nature of the video, and the 360 degree factor brings a previously non-existent replay-ability element to the art of the music video. Viewers are compelled and invited to replay VR videos, in case they have missed subtle easter eggs or startling visuals the first time around.

RTJ are not the first musicians to dabble with the new technology; we have recently seen The Tongue release their own 360 degree video for Never Going Down, whilst the always eccentric Bjork has herself embraced this new visual medium, launching her own virtual reality app.

The video for Crown in its entirety requires a VR headset such as Google Cardboard to enjoy in its full glory, but the snippet released on the Run The Jewels  YouTube channel delivers the perfect taste of immersion.

Image courtesy of Pitchfork.