WATCH: Take a journey inside Björk’s mouth in her new video

Björk’s new music video for Mouth Mantra is far from ordinary. But if you’re a fan of Björk, I’m sure you have already guessed that from some of her previous videos. In this new clip, she takes us to a place we’ve never seen before; inside her mouth.

Yes, I’m serious.

We see everything; from the tastebuds on her tongue to the red lip stick marks on her teeth. The images swirl around in a kaleidoscope of colours. The camera zooms out to show that it actually is the singer’s mouth and she dances around frantically with her arms wrapped in white ribbons. Strange as it is; it’s kind of a masterpiece.

Director Jesse Kanta described making the video as “a terrifying horrific experience” as well as “a dream come true”.

“If there’s one thing I’d like for people to take away from this video, it’s the power of vulnerability,” he tells Dazed. “That is what Björk’s album Vulnicura is all about to me, and hopefully this video reflects that. It’s about having the courage to express yourself and seeing yourself in that mirror. Doing something that scares the shit out of you and sharing it, growing from it, spreading love and courage to others and making the world a warmer place to be and relate to each other.”

Also according to Dazed, Björk herself had this to say:

“I am so extremely grateful to Jesse to be up for going on this journey…It was brave of him to take it on and I feel spoiled having witnessed him grow, making hi-tech mouth models and inventing cameras all to match a little therapeutic song about the throat. His dedication and devotion is overwhelming. I am especially grateful for those sassy dancefloor moments we managed to squeeze in there aswell: true magic.”

The video will also be available in 360 °. Check it out for yourself below.