The Game Thought Australia Was New Zealand And Totally Missed A Festival Appearance

In between learning how to post some of the most provocative images on Instagram, not showing up in court to defend himself against sexual assault charges, defending Bill Cosbyfighting with Stitches and becoming a successful hip-hop star, it seems The Game‘s geography knowledge may have been squeezed out of his brain. Or at least, the simple difference between Australia and New Zealand.

It came to light today that The Game arrived on Australian soil with the wrong visa, as in a visa for New Zealand instead, and returned to LA immediately. Now, I guess that’s all well and good. Mistakes can happen, I suppose. Except for the fact that he was scheduled to perform at Auckland festival Raggamuffin, which consequently got slammed by punters for not informing the public that The Game had cancelled – even though they had no idea he had actually flown to the wrong country.

“We honestly believed ‘The Game’ would honour his obligations to our festival and it was only when we had our people at the airport on Saturday to pick him up to play Raggamuffin IX did we find out he did not board the plane in Dubai. Statements to the contrary are simply not true,” the festival said in a statement.

This news comes hot on the heels of the developments last week that saw The Game’s Australian tour (actually Australian) having to be cancelled just days out from his first shows, and now it seems this is the reason why. Although a reason wasn’t provided last week by Metropolis Touring when the news broke, fans are quickly putting 2 and 2 together, as he posted an obnoxious photo on Instagram, seemingly rejoicing at being back in LA. Unfazed by the whole thing, there is no word on when, if ever, The Game will be returning, but we strongly suggest someone travel with him at all times – just to make sure he gets on the right plane.

Ain’t no place like home ! #LosAngeles your KING is back !!! What we on ???

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Image: Daily Mail