Red Hot Chili Peppers Perform ‘Aeroplane’ Live For The First Time In 20 Years

Red Hot Chili Peppers began the Super Bowl festivities with a live performance of Aeroplane, the first in almost 20 years.

Last night’s Super Bowl pre-party concert in San Francisco was rocked by the band as they played the 1995 hit, which was last performed at the Fuji Rock Festival in 1997. See the fan shot footage below.

The RHCP’s nostalgic trip didn’t start there. Circle Of The Noose, a track that was originally workshopped 20 years ago with guitarist Dave Navarro for a follow up to One Hot Minute that never came, was leaked last week. It was described by Navarro as “one of the songs we’ve done is the greatest pop song I’ve ever been a part of.”

They also performed at presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ Friday night fundraiser in LA. The headlining band covered the late David Bowie‘s Cracked Actor, complete with a drumhead bearing an image of Bowie and Sanders combined into one. This comes after another group of Sanders’ supporters Vampire Weekend performed at a rally in Iowa with the man himself- not to mention Killer Mike‘s wholehearted support.

Along with speaking out in support of Sanders, RHCP are currently making some new tunes with Danger Mouse. They have talked up their new album at the beginning of last year, saying that they have tried a new “challenging” method.

“We all have high hopes that it’s going to take off and we’re going to do something very different and unique for the Red Hot Chili Peppers,” drummer Chad Smith said in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Watch the music video of Red Hot Chili Peppers for Aeroplane below.

Image: Music Feeds