RHCP with Dave Navarro

Listen: Unreleased Red Hot Chili Peppers Track With Dave Navarro

An unreleased Red Hot Chili Peppers song called Circle of the Noose, which features Dave Navarro on guitar, has been leaked online.

Navarro joined the band in 1993 after John Frusciante had quit with a severe drug addiction. He remained with the band for five years, which saw him tour with them around the world and then play on 1995’s One Hot Minute record which proved commercially successful but less so with the critics.

Navarro, one of the founding members of alt-rockers Jane’s Addiction, then left the band himself in 1998 to be replaced by his predecessor Frusciante. The unreleased track that has been leaked is from a studio session where RHCP were trying to follow up their previous album, but it was continually delayed and then completely discarded when Navarro left the band due to creative differences.

Reflecting back on his time with the band, Navarro was keen to point out that he didn’t gel with the RHCP the way he thought he would. “I did five years in the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The Jane’s Addiction guy isn’t the Chili Peppers guy. That’s a total different sensibility. I still stayed true to myself, but the Chili Peppers are less theatrical and more visceral,” he said in an interview with Vanity Fair.

The music that was produced in 1998 with Navarro has so far never been heard, but the man himself spoke highly of it during an interview a year before he left the band. “One of the songs we’ve done is the greatest pop song I’ve ever been a part of.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers are currently in the “home stretch” of their new album according to front man Anthony Kiedis. The LA band are working with guitarist Josh Klinghoffer after Frusciante again left the band in 2009 citing creative differences. It will be the band’s eleventh album and first since 2011’s I’m With You.