Kim Kardashian Polled “Waves” vs “Swish” And The Results Are In…

It’s no secret that recently Kanye West has had some serious issues deciding upon the name of his new record.

The album was first conceived in the summer of 2014, then under the working title of So Help Me God.

Then in May last year, Kanye suddenly proclaimed on Twitter that the album name would be changed to Swish. 

It was an abrupt turn of events, but ultimately sounded better than the previous title. Swish had punch, angst and swag.

Things changed again last week when Kanye bluntly tweeted “New album title, WAVES.”

It seems decision-making may be an Achilles heel for the star, but luckily his other half Kim Kardashian has stepped in to help the thought process.

With a Twitter audience of more than 39 million people, the reality TV star polled her followers on which album title they preferred, with Swish and WAVES going head to head.

Swish emerged from the battle victorious defeating its opponent by 10%.

Kim then decided to mix it up for her next question, adding So Help Me God back into the equation.

So Help Me God won the three-way scramble, knocking out Swish by a whopping 16%.

Does this mean we may see a final album name change before the album drops on February 11th? For the distributors’ sake we hope not, but things don’t look good for WAVES. 

Whatever it may be, if the four tracks Kanye has released so far are anything to go by, it’s going be one heck of a record.

If you’re finding this all a bit hard to follow, don’t fret! Howl and Echoes has got you covered with everything you need to know about the new album…. whatever it may be called.

IMAGE: HotNewHipHop