Kanye West has apparently changed the name of his album

Kanye West has reportedly decided to change the name of his upcoming album from So Help Me God, to Swish. For now, anyway.

It’s a word that he first tried to popularise via Twitter, when he posted up all those naked photos of his wife, Kim Kardashian, in celebration of her reaching 30 million twitter followers. (Other couples celebrate things like anniversaries and new furniture, but y’know…)

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.23.20 pm

As much as I love Yeezy, the whole situation kinda reminds me of this Mean Girls classic:


We still have no idea when the album will be coming out, but we’ve certainly heard a lot of new music over the past few months, and people are already speculating on what the new album will sound like. Considering the emotion-filled tracks we’ve heard thus far, and his grounded, far more down-to-earth media persona, it’s looking to be a step away from the aggression of Yeezus and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. While we figure that the subject matter will be a lot more intimate and personal, I doubt we’ll hear something as stripped back and musically unique as 808s. Also, at least one of the recent tracks features Kanye finally singing without auto-tune, so let’s hope for more of that too (although Only One features that all-too-familiar auto-tuned bubble, so maybe I’m just too optimistic.) Kanye’s last album came out in June 2013. This may well be one of his last, considering how he recently stated that he is more passionate about fashion than music these days.